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We believe in order for women in our community and beyond to live healthy lives and to excel in life is to provide the programs and services needed. Below are a few of the programs we offer to the women in our community.



Ceola J Abram

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Is a one day seminar where women from all walks of life can come, let their hair down, be free and uninhibited, and get answers to the questions many are afraid to ask.

Do you want to know what those questions are? If so, mark your calendar for Saturday, October 21, 2017. More details to follow.

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For information on our 2017 4th Annual Women's Conference, including our awesome guest speakers and vendor opportunities, please click here. Vendors must complete the vendor packet and submit your vendor fee.

If you want to attend this year's Living Life and Loving It Women's conference?

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Female to Woman to Lady is a compelling story that tells of the devastation deep-rooted pain, bitterness and an unwillingness to forgive can have in and on the family structure. Including, the imposing danger of a generational decline. When anger festers, trust is broken, all hope is lost and mental illness is looming, can faith, the power of love and fervent prayers prevail? Can beauty truly be found in ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness? You will laugh. You will cry. You will get angry, but in the end, you will want to surrender all pain, all bitterness, be it deeply rooted, or on the surface and you will forgive all wrongs done to you to be happy and free.

From Female to Woman to Lady is a powerful stage play that will cause one to reflect and revisit family experiences and examine the results. The story begs the question of what happened to God's daughters? Born a female, raised to be a woman and taught how to be a lady. What was, and is God's desire for His precious daughters? Whose lady have we become? Are we not God's?

Female to Woman to Lady will revive the value we as God's daughters have, our relevance and our essential influence in the family structure. It will also cast a much-needed light on the overlooked and shunned disease of mental illness as it relates to stress related depression and its devastating effect. And, it will remind of us all of what family was meant to be, should be and once again can be! From Female to Woman to Lady is a story of a hope that is not deferred when hope is placed in the one who is hope alone, Jesus Christ!

Debut's Saturday, May 13, 2017 - Empress Theatre - Vallejo, California

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A Quick View at 2017

  • SPF-90 Day Encouragement
  • Life Sustainability Program

Do you feel out of balance spiritually, physically and financially?

Are you tired of being TIRED?

Do you want to be the best you, "you" can be SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY and FINANCIALLY?

enough already


Engaging. Powerful. Inspirational. 

Join us every Thursday at 7PM for an hour full of engaging conversation, powerful stories and testimonies that will uplift and inspire you.

Each week we will feature Real Women, Real Issues and Real Talk.

Tune in every Thursday at 7PM or listen to our previous shows by clicking the below link.


  • Shoulder to Shoulder Program
  • Self Empowerment Program

If so, we encourage you to join Ceola  in the SPF-90 Day Encouragement Program and take control of your life back! Get fit Spiritually, Financially and Physically!

Ceola will share and offer insight to help us all get our overall health better! The fun begins Saturday, August 5,, 2107. More information forthcoming!

The mission of Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc., is to support single women and single mothers in Contra Costa County with food, clothing, assistance with shelter and with other areas of needed support.