Currently, Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc. primary program is our Life Sustainability Program. The program consists of the following three areas:​

  • The Assisted Shelter Program

  • The Hopes Closet Program

  • The Feed the Family Program

The Life Sustainability Program being developed by Sister’s Celebrating Each Other, Inc will equip single mothers and single women with academic training, workforce readiness, parenting skills, and specific areas of specialized counseling. We believe support in these very critical and essential areas will have an astounding impact on the community as a whole.


Currently, the statistics reveal in the diverse community areas of Pittsburg and Bay Point the population is 66,695 and 51.3% are female, the poverty level is 16.8%, also there has been 189 violent crimes and 2,145 property related crimes. 


We believe our program will reduce the number of single mothers and single women who suffer from pressure and depression related addictions. The most common of these addictions are drug and alcohol related and can lead to a breakdown in trust and communication. The results are various acts of crime, incarceration, homelessness and a higher percentage of high school dropouts. 


The life sustainability program would successfully ensure single women; single mothers and their children, academic success, gainful employment, permanent shelter and a stabilized home and family structure. The results would be a long-lasting impact on our community in a number of ways, including;

  • Increasing the number of residents who complete high school, with potential for a college career

  • Decreased dependency on State funded programs 

  • Increased probability of gainful employment

  • Decrease in children turning to gangs for acceptance and approval to provide basic life needs

  • Decrease in crime rate, including prostitution, human trafficking, and selling drugs.

In the third quarter of 2016 Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc. plans to open our first home, housing (3) single women, (4) mother's and a total of (6) children. We are currently seeking grants to purchase our first home and/or donors to donate our first home, a (7) bedroom home to launch our first ANEW Home. To read more about our In-Home Programs, please click here




The Assisted Shelter program provides shelter to single women and single mothers with one of our resource partners. 


Currently we are working with three possible providers to ensure the single women and/or single mother who come to Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc. with a need for shelter, will not be turned away. 


To learn more click here





The Feed the Family will provide healthy food to single women and single mothers who are struggling to feed them and their children.  

We endeavor to have a pantry where we can properly store food to provide as the need arises. We would like to have a fund to purchase fresh dairy, bread and fruits and vegetables to ensure women and children maintain healthy eating habits. 


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Most people give very little thought about what they're going to wear because most people have the ability to purchase what they want, when they want. Unfortunately for most, this is a luxury many do not have in today's society. 


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In Home Restoration Program

Sister’s Celebrating Each Other, Inc., endeavors to provide spiritual restoration and social integration in an alcohol and drug free environment to single women and single mothers from various backgrounds and from the age of 18 years to 65 years of age. 


We aim to aid those who are seeking a change of more than residence and employment but an inner-change which, will result in an outward change.


Our goal is to encourage, support and inspire each participant to maintain a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth, which translates into a healthy self-image. ​​In addition to the services being offered by Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc. we are developing the "Life Sustainability Program."  To learn more about the Life Sustainability Program click here.

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