Meet Ceola J.

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Ceola J. is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to seek and reach their God-given purpose and to live their best lives now! Having seen the struggle first hand in her young mother, and the devastation of her mother's death at the age of 33, Ceola knew from a child what she wanted to do. Ceola found her purpose in helping, encouraging and motivating women; utilizing the victory she found through her Savior Jesus Christ in overcoming her own painful life experiences. Ceola is a certified life coach, TBN published author, four-time playwright and entrepreneur.

To learn more about Ceola please click here. You can read Ceola's full biography by clicking the full-bio tab. 

Meet Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine will share wonderful program incentives and a possible retreat planned for next year. Lorraine Lewis is an entrepreneur and the business owner.  She holds an Associate of Science Degree in Accounting and has worked in the accounting field for over twenty years. She also holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Services. Lorraine was a Realtor for ten years where she started “The Housing Network”, a company that educated and prepared first time home buyers. Lorraine was a Sales Consultant for Mary Kay for ten years and also a Sales Consultant for Warm Spirit for two years. 


​To learn more about Lorraine, please click here. You can read Lorraine's full biography by clicking the full bio-tab. 


Currently Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc., has a need for volunteers to assist us in the following areas. 

* Grant Writing Specialist - To be posted

* Treasurer - To be posted

* Event/Fundraising Coordinator - To be posted

* Human Resources Manager - To be posted 

* Volunteer Coordinator - To be posted


Please click the link next to each job listing to view the job description.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with SCEO, please click on the Job application link below, complete the application and submit.

If you are consider for volunteer opportunities with SCEO, you a background check is required of all volunteers over the age of 18. There is a small processing fee of $10.00 to complete the background check process.

Thank for your interest in Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc. 


​Support - Is what we will give to each sister who comes to us for help.

Encouragement - You will find encouragement when you need it the most.

Inspiration - We will inspire our sisters in the areas they thought no inspiration was left.

Fortification - We will strengthen our sisters to continue the journey.

Self-Esteem - We will help rebuild what was torn down in our sisters.

Self-Worth - We will help restore what the harshness of life stole from our sisters.

Pursuit - We will help you with the pursuit of your happiness.

Purpose - We will help you discover the very purpose for your life.

Fulfillment - We will celebrate the fulfillment of life, love and happiness with our sisters.

The most essential element of our organization will be our 24-month, 9-module in-house restoration program.  We are working to carefully develop each phase of the program and we endeavor to have our first home and our programs in place by mid to late 2020. 


The 9-module restoration program will consist of the modules noted to the right of this page. The key to each module is to not only pass, but to acquire the understanding, discipline, dedication, motivation and responsibility necessary to achieve a productive and self-sustaining life upon completion. Each participant is required to successfully complete each module before moving on to the next


Through our 24-month, 9-module restoration program and our network of resource partners, our participants will have attained the necessary skills for leading a productive and purpose filled life.


​Our graduates will successfully transition and move on to become solid and active members of society and their respective communities.

​​Sister's Celebrating Each Other, Inc., is built upon the principles and life changing Word of God.  Our in-house restoration programs are in the development stage and are protected.

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