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Having a solid spiritual foundation is essential to having a successful life. Our programs are based on the sound doctrine and principles of God's Word.


As a part of our spiritual counseling session, we desire to help women grow spiritually. This growth can include finding their life's purpose, overcoming varying obstacles in their life, (fear, addictions, failure, depression, anger, coping with loss, refocusing, etc.) 

We have enlisted the expertise of licensed spiritual professionals to provide counseling to both women and children to establish biblical understanding as it relates to overall well-being. To learn more about our Spiritual Counseling partners, click here.



Often times when a women seeks assistance whether it is for food, clothing or assistance with shelter it is due to some form of hardship. 


This hardship could be the result of many things including a change in the family structure, i.e., divorce, separation due to violence, loss of employment or other. 


The despair experienced by many women and their children as a result of such circumstances may lead to embarrassment, shame, feeling of failure and more. All of these "feelings" will more times than not, lead to various forms of addictions to cope.


In order to help women who are faced with this issue and help them to a road of recovery we conduct a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation is the Psychological Evaluation and is completed by a licensed therapist.


This evaluation is conducted as a part of our wholeness approach which goes far beyond providing food, clothing and assistance with shelter. We are striving to provide promote a program that encourages wholeness and restoration of not only the self-esteem and self-worth of women, but restoration to our family structure as a whole. To learn more about our Psychological Therapist partners, click here.



Some of the women who come to us for assistance have not received their high school diploma's. We plan to enlist tutors who can tutor the women with general education studies and help facilitate a successful passing of their G.E.D test.


For those who have achieved their high school diploma, we will aid them in preparing for college courses, including coaching them on the process of enrolling into college and providing tutoring if necessary as the acclimate to the college experience.


For the children, as a result of any hardship the mother faces this can sometimes transpire in the child not attending school on a regular basis and can cause the child to fall behind in their studies. We will also provide tutoring for the children to ensure they stay the course and can successful accomplish their studies. To learn more about our Academic Tutoring partners, click here.



Being financially sound in crucial in today's world. However, is achieving financial stability is also challenging in today's world.


Faced with companies downsizing, the constant stock market flucuation and the cost of living rapidly increasing one has to wisely and strategically plan in order to survive financially.


Our goal is to educate both the women and the children on financial strategies to help them achieve financial stability. We have financial advisers who specialize in the financial field to provide sound financial principles. To learn more about our Financial Advisers partners, click here.



Getting oriented to the workforce can be a daunting experience if not properly prepare. Many do not realize or even consider the importance of office etiquette. We will walk the women through the entire process from the development of a resume, to proper attire for the office or workplace, mock interviewing, the importance of being on time, dependable and team oriented. To learn more about our Workforce Readiness partners, click here.

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