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Spiritually, Physically and Financially...Tuning our temples

Calling all sisters; we are taking steps to “Tune our Temples” according to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies”.


​SPF-90 is a “Call” to encourage change; a change spiritually, physically and financially for 90-days with a goal for this to become a lifestyle change.


​Spiritually, change first begins in the mind, which is why we begin with the Spirit first. What does the Word of God say about the condition of your spirit man, your body and your finances? 


​SPF-90 will challenge you, if you’re not already doing so, to get into your Word! Remember, it’s not about the quantity (how much you read), but the quality. What are you getting from what you read and how are you applying what you read to your life.


Physically are you getting at least 30-minutes of exercise a day? No, vacuuming does not count. Taking public transportation; walking during your lunch and your breaks; taking a Pilates class or other exercise classes. Swimming if you have a pool, which by the way is an excellent form of exercise. These are all ways you can incorporate exercise into your day. Establish a buddy system to help you commit.


Financially, we will set individual goals to eliminate unnecessary spending and debt. We will share information regarding refinancing your homes and/or your vehicles in an effort to reduce monthly payments. We will share charts such as the example below to help us see the result of our spending habits and what the alternative could be with a little fine tuning.













Spent daily


X 5-Days

Cost per week


X 52-Weeks

Cost per year


X 5-Years

Saved over 5-years



1.  Talk to a financial advisor

2.  Set a goal to fix your credit (If you worked hard to get 

it to 400, let’s work just as hard to get it to 800+)

3.  Establish a retirement plan/account; college funds for our     children and a “rainy day fund” yes, WE ALL should have a         savings account. Away with the spiritual & financial ignorance!

​4.  Get life insurance for your family, including your elderly parents your siblings, kids and grandchildren. Be prepared!  It’s time to wake up folks. Something as simple as an ING (Orange) account, for $25.00 a month or your preferred carrier/vendor would do you well.


SPF-90 is a fast-track program to get us sisters “on-track”; encouraging each other and holding each other accountable


Here’s how it will work:

1.     We will share the following templates with you:

a.    Self- assessment

b.    Meal planner

c.    Monthly budget template sheet


2.     We are planning to take before and after shots of our bodies, for (OUR EYES ONLY), taking measurements and setting realistic goals based on:

a.    Our own bodies

b.    Our own metabolism

c.    Current health conditions

d.    90-day/life style goals


3.     We will share with you:

a.    Healthy eating tips, plus scriptures references

b.    Biblical encouragement on finances

c.    Weekly meditation scriptures

d.    Exercise tips


We will start the SPF-90 Day Encouragement Program with the following 7- WORDS and corresponding ACTIONS:


1.   Discipline -  activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or           improves a skill; training

2.   Commitment - the state or quality of being dedicated to a             cause, activity, etc.
3.   Willingness - the quality or state of being prepared to do               something; readiness.
4.   Self-Control - the ability to control oneself

​5.   Focus - a main purpose or interest

6.   Goals - the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or           desired result.

7.   Distraction - that which distracts,

      divides the attention, or prevents concentration


​All of these are important to each of our success. I would ask that each of us consider the cost before taking/joining this club. Talk to your families (spouse, children, etc.). Don't look at this as a challenge, but rather an opportunity to bring our entire households and families under divine order. Be encouraged!

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